Not for all of us, Niklas Göke.

I love the internet and have lived on it since the late 90s however offline time matters hugely to me.

As a result, my social media use is limited, I don’t engage in mindless scrolling, my books are still paper and glue, the only notifications on my phone are BBC News and the Guardian plus messages from a grand total of five people, none of whom are part of any group. Also, I still read with attention rather than scan and even my text messages have caps and punctuation.

I absorb my info in print rather than in video unless there’s no choice, as is sometimes the case with short news pieces. TED talks transcripts are ace, but videos? Not so much, too passive. That’s why I don’t even have a TV.

To me, clear boundaries are a matter of mental hygiene.

Your piece was essential reading and deeply wise, thank you for reminding us about what matters most, namely deep, meaningful human interactions.

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