Not quite, Frederick Bott.

While I’m opposed to working for other people for free — or for exposure only — because I like eating at least once a day, having a roof over my head, and keeping warm, I’d still happily only take a nominal fee if the work demands it, in which case I’d be unlikely to go into it full-time because I’d still need other work elsewhere. (My government grant was small, but had it been paid out in monthly installments as was originally agreed, I wouldn’t have run into problems. Only it wasn’t.)

If Im working for myself, then it’s different. Writing the first draft of a book is work that is initially unpaid for example, with no guarantee that said book will ever find a publisher, which is why I can’t make this my primary focus because otherwise I’d have no way to support myself.

Obviously, major depression put spanners in the works for years so I’m now trying to get back on my feet and get organized, fully aware that compromises are likely to be necessary.

Your ultra-futuristic vision of community and humanity is quite wonderful and contagious, but also completely alien to the country I’m in, or at least to the people who run it. In Europe however, there are a few experiments under way about Universal Basic Income which seems to make more and more sense to me the more I read about it. Britain seems to have made a shambles of it, but Scandinavia has had better results.

I hope your daughter is proud of her dad. Visionaries are rare and not every family has one.

Lastly, thank you for your response.

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