Oh, Satti… I often wish I lived in your head where things that blight me do not exist! Anthony was my best friend of over 20 years, the brother I never had, and there was nothing remotely disloyal in my turning to him for friendship and comfort. He did the same with me. This is what friends are for.

I’m a committed and faithful wife however having no friends outside marriage is an odd situation. While we are each other’s best friend, no one can ever be everything to the other person, that’s claustrophobic, not healthy at all.

Were doing our best with the resources we have available, we fail often but we keep trying. Our emotions are what makes us human, and I’m grateful I am married to someone who is prone to the occasional outburst rather than someone who bottles everything up and eventually self-combusts.

Please don’t ever hesitate to delve into anything and contribute your point of view as it’s always helpful. Your outlook on life is so very different from my own that I always learn something. Thanks for responding, it helps me gain perspective.

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