Oh, we’ve only been this close since the foundation of the country, no biggie! 🤣

What blows my mind is how many people don’t seem to know where the Statue of Liberty comes from and get all offended when you tell them it’s French, ATrigueiro. Just like anyone who isn’t Native American, the statue that has come to represent the U.S. is a foreigner!

As for why the average American isn’t necessarily aware of this relationship, U.S. media isn’t all that big on world news (case in point: why does NPR always have to rely on BBC foreign correspondents?).

It’s all so terribly insular, at least compared to my standard European news diet (which I’ve kept up BTW). In Europe, we’re always aware of what’s going on in the U.S. but interest seems to be unilateral, alas.

If you don’t already, I recommend you follow the French ambo to the U.S. on Twitter, Gérard Araud. (He nearly caused a diplomatic incident on election night with a famous tweet that had to be retracted.)

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