Ooh, a thinker, on Medium?! That's... rare. I've been on this platform for over two years and the bulk of the wordage on it isn't designed to foster critical thinking, alas, nor is it the result of actual intellectual labor.

Instead, it's a self-referential rabbit hole for emo-journalism of the self, snake oil salesmanship, and assorted con artistry.

And yet, in the midst of this money-grubbing orgy, there's a handful of folks thinking out loud in print about all kinds of societal issues, and about politics, but they're nigh on impossible to surface. I only found you because you left a comment elsewhere, for example.

You and I both saw Trump coming. For my part, I wasn't exactly sanguine about the outcome of the 2020 election either and I'm hugely relieved to have been proven wrong this time around. But that doesn't mean that everything is hunky dory now, quite the opposite. There will be more problems in 4 years, the same kind of problems we'll be facing in France in 2022. Populism is alive and well on both sides of the Atlantic and looking at the big picture isn't just helpful but necessary. Brexit was the warning America missed. Those of us who tried to raise the alarm were called paranoid.

As for voting, it's a civic duty IMO and it should be mandatory, with a hefty fine for anyone failing to cast their ballot. Clearly not a winning proposition with the "Wah, wah, wah, mah free-dumb" folks but it'd sort out many issues.

Compulsory voting makes for more responsible citizens. It works for Belgium, with a caveat because it's also a country that winds up unable to form a coalition government every now and then. Does the country stop? Nope.

TL;DR: Thank you for giving me something to think about. I need to read your book, I have little time now but I'll get to it.

Lastly, nice to meet you! :-)

The human condition is not a pathology・👋ASingularStory[at]gmail・ ☕️ https://ko-fi.com/ASingularStory

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