Ooh, another musical suggestion, thanks Kim Martin! I don’t know the song you mentioned so I’m going to give it a listen.

The festive season is a stressful time for many, alas. As a result, some people go over the edge, often because no one remembered them or because it magnifies everything.

My first marriage came to an end on Christmas Day after the tree flew across the room. I didn’t throw it. These days, it’s an anecdote but I still recall shaking in the corner, sitting down on the floor and holding my knees with one arm and the phone with my other hand while calling my best friend Anthony so he’d come and get me.

He did within the hour. My husband had already left for Christmas lunch with his parents.

A few days later, I went home to collect my stuff and that was that.

I never lived there again. That was one shitty December among many and not even the worst one. Life, eh!

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