Ooh, now Medium wants to pay us to make the platform better? Uh? First, how about replying to user emails? I've been sending you feedback for over two years and I stopped getting replies many months ago.

In addition, how about addressing the scamming / parasite problem on the platform, i.e. all those who liberally use the Medium trademark to push their courses, e-books, paid communities that all promise to make you a success on Medium? And how about addressing the parasites' parasites as well, i.e. those who give them exposure by interviewing them? Scamming is several layers deep at this point but not so nebulous that it cannot be mapped out.

Also, what's with the slew of new bot accounts that only have one female name and often the same profile picture of some nondescript onion dome?

Hello, Medium? Is there anyone home?

Lastly, since disinformation has become endemic to the platform, anyone reading this should consider installing free browser extension Newsguard. Its assessment of Medium--the Newsguard Nutrition Label--should be a serious wake up call to anyone who cares about editorial ethics.

Snake oil salesmanship, made-up personas, and bullshit abound on Medium and there's no shortage of folks preying on the most disempowered, disenfranchised, and vulnerable, which is an ever-growing number of people in 2020.

In the spirit of community, this feedback is free.

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