Please don’t, Michael K. Spencer!

Your voice is distinctly your own, and if you water it down or tweak it to sound like some of the most popular content, all your hard work developing it will have been for nothing. Please resist the urge to sell out and write crappy listicles, the platform is already awash with that garbage!

Why not branch out and experiment without compromising on message and tone instead?

I thought the drop in engagement was down to the summer months, when many log off and go on holiday…

Whether or not the platform pushes its own pubs first or not, it’s hard to tell. For example, I’ve never bothered to configure recommendations because I have a very haphazard approach to how I consume content and I like it that way.

I tend to dive into things and go down rabbit holes… and I doubt there’s an algorithm that can predict unpredictability.

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