Powerful piece and deeply relatable as I too am am immigrant to the US and lived in many different countries before that, Anna I. Smith. As a result, I speak several languages, all of them with an accent from some other place, which is never that of either of the two countries that issue my passports so it gets incredibly complicated…

Your reality has always been mine, starting with regional linguistic variations when I moved around as a kid but I hadn’t thought about it in a long, long time.

I live in the Netherlands for now and I’ll probably end up with a weird accent in Dutch because my musical obsessions currently learn more toward obscure Flemish Belgian bands and they don’t pronounce “w” quite the same way…

I can’t help but wonder (and don’t feel under any obligation to answer because this is likely as loaded a topic for you as it is for me) whether you’ve managed to forge or retain a clear sense of where “home” is as I haven’t. For me, it’s in many countries and nowhere at once, it’s continents but also islands, and it’s mostly languages.

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