Quite, Michael Beswick. Being a European, you get it and I yet have to meet anyone here (I’m back in the EU and ping-ponging between several countries) at all levels of society who doesn’t.

France, where I was born, is big on solidarity and meritocracy. Were also blunt to a fault so this attitude often ruffles feathers in the US where calling out bullshit is seen as a personal attack by many. “Are you disrespecting me?” is the rallying cry of echo chamber dwellers. I lived in the UK for most of my adult life and I have never once heard a Brit use the verb.

Alas, this kind of mythology makes a lot of people feel like failures, which impacts their sense of self and their mental health while others exploit their disempowerment with false promises of success, fame, and fortune if only you stick with them, buy their e-book, their e-course, join their webinar…

And it reinforces individualism and normalizes profiteering.

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