Quite, Nalini MacNab. I’ve often posited that American democracy is a sham but that’s a simplistic take on a complex problem.

Much like the European Union, America is a social experiment, a project in progress, but how the two continents go about bringing people together is distinctly different.

We still have a strong social component in the EU which I yet have to experience in the US. And the difference is that we Euro folks fight tooth and nail for ours. For example, there’s currently a nationwide strike going on in France to push back against pension reforms. It is bringing people from across many professions together, from train drivers to judges via teachers and nurses. It’s an unspeakable mess with severe financial consequences for everyone but this is how we French hold our government accountable.

The strike impacts almost everyone but most folks are intelligent enough to understand temporary discomfort is necessary to preserving the common good.

Some days, I can’t help but wonder what might have happened if Americans had come together and paralyzed the country when Trump was elected…

As an aside, my blue passport is great because it allows me to travel freely between the US and the EU without any hassle. When I came back to Seattle for a week last month, I ended up having a chinwag about cats with Homeland Security (the joys of being a human called Kitty, eh!) and it was quite delightful.

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