Quite, Yael Wolfe, and we are most definitely on the same page here.

Sex is a basic physiological need and it’s time we started treating it as such.

Tough call in the US though where many folks are so very repressed many can’t even name human body parts correctly. Many who have the knowledge refuse to use it and discuss sex in a very strange language that is, to me, reminiscent of toddler talk, thus reinforcing the message sex is shameful.

TL;DR, I have neither a “vajayjay” or an “opening”, and it’s not “p in v” but vaginal intercourse. I had never heard nor read those words until I came to the US but they do have enormous comic potential IMO although I don’t believe it’s intentional.

The other end of the spectrum is copy that leaves nothing to the imagination and therefore completely fails to engage it.

Sex writing is a lot more difficult than it seems and I came to it for the same reason as you, to dispel shame.

Because the words we use reflect our reality and this reality needs changing...

The pub Sexography is good at that, as is the writing of Elle Beau, for example.

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