Reading this makes me shake my head as I cannot for the life of me understand the complete absence of basic human empathy among many white folks.

Further, many profess to be Christians so what’s the deal here? Isn’t religion about tolerance and love and acceptance? Or is it a pair of blinders? I don’t get it at all.

Fellow feeling is what holds society together, at least where I come from and the way I was raised.

When we had presidential elections in France in 2017, the final choice was between the social media savvy smart ass who created his own movement from scratch or the far-right.

Macron wasn’t exactly popular back then but we all came together regardless because that was the only decent and intelligent thing to do.

And of course we argued ad nauseam and have been arguing ever since as it’s the French way. That’s actually healthy for democracy as it keeps those in power in check.

The way I see it, anyone coming after a fellow human is coming after me, too.

Argh. Today is truly infuriating. The tanks thing just makes me gag.

I was never fond of it in France either but at least it makes sense on a cultural and intellectual level, it’s part of our tradition, one that Macron keeps disrupting in subtle ways.

For example, military bands played some Daft Punk back in 2017, quite possibly to confuse Cheeto head and it was hilarious to watch Trump’s face, Macron’s face, and the delight of all the officials there who really, really got into it.

So yeah… beat that, Merca! 🤣

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