Responding to this demands its own post, Joao Nascimento, so I’ll try and get to it at some point.

I’ve always been very open with him about what I’ve gone through.

As for therapy, in America that is truly impossible when you don’t have money. It’s not even an option.

Also, it shouldn’t be up to marginalized people to educate others, certainly not in this day and age when information is only a click away. A lot of my work involves advocacy, sure, but when it comes to your partner, it should be up to them to do their due diligence. When I was at the bottom of the depressive pit, I wasn’t at my most articulate as you can imagine so how on Earth was I going to even explain it?! I shouldn’t be expected to!

As you know, dealing with someone in the throes of depression demands a certain amount of empathy and either you have it, or you don’t.

Which, to me, translates as: Either you’re human, or you’re not.

Truly a topic that deserves unpacking at some point, thanks for the prompt.

Everything you wrote I’m in complete agreement with, but of course you probably already sensed that. :-)

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