Same here. My instinct is always to try and spare others from the mess in my head.

I wonder how much of this is down to social conditioning as such times are when we need help most but we can’t ask for it.

Then again, wounded animals isolate when hurt so they can either lick their wounds in peace or die. (Memories from being a shelter volunteer several years ago.)

Your comment on Big Pharma and medicated parents medicating kids with strong psychotropic drugs is something I’ve witnessed firsthand here in the US and it chilled me to the bone.

And then I had the experience of a GP trying very hard to push drugs on me. He was such a bully every visit turned me into an hypertensive mess. So I found another GP but that was after two years not seeing a doctor.

Lastly, thank you for your supportive words about my work. I owe you an email or two but there’s so much going on I’m not as responsive as I’d like, sorry. xo

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