Satti, thanks for your response, always thought-provoking but I have to disagree with you this time, for to agree would be to abdicate all hopes for equality. Change is coming, belatedly, but it is.

I see that in my birth country, France (traditionally resistant to change), where gender parity is finally at the forefront of politics. We’ve had a ministry for women’s rights for the last six years, but it’s not until Macron came to power that things started moving forward. And of course long before all that, we had a woman prime minister for about a year, the outspoken Édith Cresson. She wasn’t exactly popular but she happened.

Gender parity and equality is inevitable as women make up half of the population in most countries. The U.S. can’t lag behind forever.

There’s no bait here. We women are merely reclaiming what is rightfully ours, much like Palestinians reclaiming their land from Israeli colonizers.

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