Sleepwalking is apt. The lack of civic engagement and the centeredness of self are two sides of the most ungenerous version of Americanness, alas.

That particular incarnation is mostly white (well, it was until it also became orange). Disenfranchised folks with a darker skin tone learn very early on that solidarity is the only way forward but, somehow, disenfranchised whites tend to aspire to whatever mediocrity the TV screen or the digital mirror reflects. Cue whites below the breadline hailing Trump as their savior while the most enterprising ape his communication tactics in the hope of becoming 'self-made' like him.

As a side note, you can observe this on Medium, where victimhood culture and flashing one's cash while antagonizing everyone has allowed many to make bank, as has harping on about 'celebrities.'

Thankfully, the platform is changing but the parallel between Trumpism and the lionization of online greed and grift has never not fascinated me.

In case you aren't acquainted with them yet, go have a look at Allan Milne Lees ( and ATrigueiro's ( writings, Tim.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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