Spot on. This is Kitty BTW but I’ve renamed my account as I no longer want my byline to appear on Medium. I’ve pulled some pieces off the platform and will likely pull more if not all of them by the end of the month so my account can be repurposed. However, I will get in touch with you first should this affect any of my Assemblage pieces.

Unless Medium takes action, I cannot condone nor support the editorial practices popularized by the platform nor the ‘values’ – i.e. greed and grift – it has championed and lionized.

The end result is that most of the platform’s digital assets are junk at this point.

What’s more, Medium is currently under a fake follower spam attack, as confirmed to me by support 24h ago. I picked up 40 new ones overnight, again, so this tells me there are serious engineering issues. After corresponding with support for 2+ years and documenting many of them, I would like to take this opportunity to once again ask Ev Williams for a membership refund so I can donate this money to the ACLU as some good has to come out of this.

The way I see it, Medium has failed to deliver on its promise to make words matter and it isn’t a place where ideas find us either but rather a place where scammers and social media marketers find us and even get showcased on the partner program promotion page. What gives? Dear Ev Williams, may I respectfully suggest you read Jonathan Greene’s cogent pieces on scammers? FYI, my offer of pro-bono help still stands as per email #573344, which is the final iteration of ideas outlined in #564489.

Lastly, anyone reading this may be interested in installing browser extension Newsguard to prevent associating their byline and credibility with platforms that have a poor track record in fact-checking, corrections, and retractions. And no, this isn’t #sponcon, just a tip from a journalist. Make sure you read Newsguard ‘Full Nutrition Label’ about Medium, too.

Everyone, thanks for your attention. Jonathan Greene and Jeff Barton, thank you for tirelessly highlighting those issues. If you’re not familiar with his work yet, please look up Canadian writer Rolli, who has been a vocal critic of all of the above.

To anyone despairing about their writing skills and likelihood of getting traction, please keep writing but consider doing it in places where editorial standards and values align with yours, even if you have to create your own site or network. My email address is public, feel free to use it. Chin up and good luck!

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