Such wise words, AlanN Hunt, thank you.

I do not write much in French online I’m afraid but leave me a private note if you happen to be fluent. As for fado, I have to be in the right mood for it as it can rip me to shreds. But it is a gorgeous, glorious art form I can happily disappear into for hours if it’s live.

Meanwhile, you might like this haunting song by Dulce Pontes. It was a huge success in Portugal a few years ago and listening to it still provokes a strong emotional response in me. (It sends me straight back to the Azores, which I never wanted to leave):

If you’re interested in Portuguese music, I’d be happy to send you a few suggestions across several genres. (Same for French music!)

As for “coração”, that’s a good first word to learn. Mine was “sim”, which means yes but which I kept pronouncing as if it were a SIM card until I got the hang of the accent. It took a while and much, much hilarity and I’m not quite there yet, all those years later.

If you came from South Africa, you probably came into contact with Portuguese communities there, didn’t you? I’d be curious to hear more as Portuguese immigration is one of my areas of interest.

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