Thank you, Barbara! 🤓

I had never heard of David Bohm and a quick glance at Google has me even more curious… many, many thanks!

It sounds like you and I are similarly wired, explorers of the human mind who are curious about how our peers navigate this thing called life.

There are many outstanding writers on Medium who go above and beyond documenting the toughest aspects of what it means to be a human in the world, to love, to grieve…

Check out Agnes Louis on grief and the publication she started in honor of her mom; Kamga Tchassa on immigration to the US; Jonathan Greene on knowing oneself; Marley K. on being black in America, constant micro-aggressions etc… and many, many more.

One thing Medium does exceedingly well is poetry. Among many talented folks, there’s Tre L. Loadholt, Maymuuna, Nuno Ricardo, Pablo Pereyra and many others you’ll come across when you start reading them.

Meanwhile, the master of satire is Allan Milne Lees whose take on politics is razor sharp, witty, and so funny it takes the sting off the horrors of Trumpism, one essay at a time.

For more thinkers on politics, ATrigueiro is quite the visionary. For America. His take sounds logical to a European like me but it’s quite the departure from the usual two-party system. Joshua Dopkowski also thinks deeply about what’s going on. Both writers are the antidote to the exho chambers plaguing US politics.

In terms of history, Tom Gregg is endlessly knowledgeable and thought-provoking. His short stories pack a punch too. Also, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and his pen has the ability to eviscerate everyone and show us how narrow-minded we’re all being. His bluntness is refreshing and I treasure it even though we come from opposite sides of the political spectrum.

For all things future and social media plus some singular poetry, there’s resident futurist Michael K. Spencer who keeps trying to parse what Medium is and how it works. He’s been on the platform for so long he’s literally part of the furniture. He, too, has a no-nonsense approach about this writing proclivity of ours and how attention and emotions get hijacked by copy dripping with overwrought pathos. And yes, he’s so prolific going through his work demands time.

I use Medium as my thinky rabbit hole of choice and take deep dives into things I never even knew I’d be interested in.

And don’t forget John Gorman, whose emotional fluency and humility are endlessly inspiring because so very rare. He doesn’t shy away from any aspect of humanness.

Happy reading!

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