Thank you, Darcy Reeder. I have indeed done a retrospective of sorts that charts my attempts at taming depression from the moment I started writing again in the summer up to now, and the many obstacles I’ve encountered.

And because the ethos that guides my work is one of service and never leaving any reader behind (otherwise advocacy cannot be effective), the piece is unlocked and only contains open access links that bypass the paywall.

If anyone reading this would like more friend links to my work, please feel free to leave me a note on the locked piece that interests you and I’ll happily let you read it regardless of Medium membership status. Always. ❤

You can also find me on Twitter where I only share direct links, and my email is in my bio for a reason so donMental Health’t be shy about using it.

Depression sucks, I lost five years of my life to it but remember you are never alone.

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