Thank you ever so much for your supportive words, Mike Develle!

Glad you share my viewpoint, and you’re not the only man here who does even though the last few days have been particularly rough on the, ahem, mutual respect front with some other Medium users.

As for sex being taboo, well, it was pretty much the final frontier in terms of writing for me and I’m still very awkward about it as I don’t want to become yet another writer who isn’t getting any but writes about it extensively for clicks and bucks and followers.

What I can write about however is this fallow period and the impact it’s had on my psyche as I figure it out.

Re antidepressants, this isn’t an option I’m willing to pursue unless absolutely necessary as anything that might affect my ability to think or feel may result in my being unable to work, and that would be a disaster. Therapy is what I desperately need and it may be accessible now that I’m going back to Europe for a while, although figuring out how to make it happen will take some doing. .

Lastly, many thanks for the super helpful reading recommendation — I’ll get a copy of Nagoski’s book as soon as I can. :-)))

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