Thank you for your heartfelt comment, Rebecca.

I’ve long suspected he had issues of his own but any attempt to broach the topic were met with silence. I did try and then I had no choice but to detach lest it pulled me under even more.

Every now and then I’d emerge from my detachment and try again, only for the same thing to happen.

When the sky fell on my parents’ head and on mine (stepmom diagnosed with Stage IV cancer; best friend dying two weeks later) my priorities shifted drastically and I left the US at the end of December 2018 so I could help my parents navigate this new reality.

For the foreseeable future, I will remain in the EU, only popping back to the US for a few days late October, *if* my stepmom’s health doesn’t take a turn for the worst.

My husband, meanwhile, is dealing with aging and ailing parents of his own.

Our lives have taken different paths; it happens.

The human condition is not a pathology・👋ASingularStory[at]gmail・ ☕️

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