Thank you for your response, Sharon M! :-)

It was quite enlightening too, as it got me thinking about whether I’m an extravert or an introvert. In fact, I match both sides, so I’m probably one of those hybrid creatures known as ambiverts. I’m very happy with my own company and need long stretches of solitude to think and write and recharge, but I am indeed energized by others in certain — but not all — contexts.

What ties the two sides together is the ethos of service, so whether working as a journalist/freelance writer or tour director, it all fits even though those are very different jobs.

Yearning is a good word, and whether I eventually get back on the road part-time or end up “wording” for clients or employers, I think I’m slowly getting a little closer to springing back into action.

And yes, the ferry piece is in many ways linked to this one, it was a precursor of sorts although I didn’t know it at the time of writing… ;-)

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