Thank you so much for an enlightening response, Dan Conine.

I must admit I was unfamiliar with “consumptionism” as a concept but it is self-explanatory and makes so much sense to me.

There are people pushing back recycling and upcycling and swapping and bartering… I keep coming across interesting initiatives here in the Netherlands that blend together creativity, art, and used goods so I’ll have to take a closer look when I have a moment.

Europe is far more aware of these imperatives than the US, probably because we are social democracies and have also been focusing quite heavily on the environment in the last few years.

Ordinary is, well, quite lovely and I never pass up an opportunity to celebrate it. It makes for peaceful contentment and a warm glow, and it helps me navigate life with greater ease.

Perhaps it’s because I’m only too painfully aware that everything that makes life worthwhile isn’t available in shops, namely community, love, family, creativity, joy, art, and laughter… oh, and cats! (Technically, you can buy those but the shelters are full so why would you?)

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