Thank you so much for your insight, Satti.

You’re… not wrong.

However, naturalization is something I didn’t have to do as I was on a permanent Green Card but it’s something I chose to do because I wanted to vote in the last presidential election (didn’t make it as very many other immigrants had the same idea and we created a nationwide backlog) and then it became a simple matter of keeping myself safe. The first thing my husband asked after the presidential election was this: “Do you still want to go through with it?”. I said yes.

Because by then, being an American had become a source of embarrassment and shame rather than a point of pride, and my husband wondered why anyone would choose to become a citizen if they didn’t absolutely have to. Beside safety concerns, I did because I didn’t want to live in a country where I wouldn’t have voting rights.

As for Vitamin D, I’ve been taking vegan D3 for years, right when I realized I was probably deficient. No idea about levels, we haven’t checked but likely will in the not too distant future as my yearly physical highlighted some weirdness that now needs investigating. Because what impacts the mind eventually impacts the body…

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