Thank you so, so much for this, Marley K.

Like everything else in this capitalist monsterhood, immigration is a revenue stream, as is naturalization. While I understand the need for fees because government workers and the FBI need to earn a living just like the rest of us, they’ve become extortionate.

And so this massive racket acts like a filter, leaving way too many folks who would be an asset to America behind because they’re too poor to pay up. As a result, they’re stuck in countries with tons of potential but zero prospects.

To me, immigration will forever remain a powerful force for good. It saved my ancestors from persecution and poverty. To see France turn its back on asylum seekers feels like such a betrayal.

In my mind, there’s no difference between someone who puts their life on the line to cross the Mediterranean on a crowded dinghy, folks who crossed many international borders heaven even knows how coming from Eastern Europe (Dad’s side), and Flemish farmers whose livelihood was destroyed by WWI (Mom’s side).

All I see is fellow humans seeking safety and shelter— I’d make a such a shitty politician…

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