Thankfully, not all of them do Josh Tucker but those who do not tend to be quiet, thinking types, helpful to a fault, and always standing apart from the herd.

And they’re generally self-aware enough to acknowledge that the patriarchy — a word I use here as a shortcut as I don’t much like oversimplification, finger-pointing, or echo chambers — also hurts men, and not just women.

Greed is a recurring theme in my work, as is ignorance, and the ambient mediocrity we entertain out of convenience, laziness, and lack of critical thinking. I truly believe we can do better but it starts with knowing we are the problem, all of us. Because some women also see relationships as transactional, alas.

As Allan Milne Lees once pointed out to me, social media and the advent of platforms like LinkedIn now makes it easy to check what income bracket one’s date falls into. Prior to his comment, I had never thought of this and I’ve been quietly horrified ever since because it beggars belief.

Also, Allan’s take on society and politics is never anything less than thought-provoking and frequently irreverent in a distinctly British way so if my piece resonated with you, some of his pieces also will, especially if you enjoy satire.

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