Thanks, Edel Quinn. :-)

To answer your question, I don’t think there’s anything remotely altruistic or considerate about “paycheck porn” as I’ve come to call it. So I had a whinge about that:

For context, I’m a born and bred European with a low tolerance threshold for clickbait or bullshit. I came to the US 6 years ago, back when it was quite a different country.

America is all about capitalism and individualism, so bragging about money is the done thing here. So I had a whinge again:

I haven’t lived in Ireland but I’ve worked there many times over the years and I don’t recall that kind of talk being common in your country any more than it is where I come from, i.e. France. (But for some reason, the words “eejit” and “bollock” come to mind, so forgive me for giggling quietly in my corner here…)

In my culture, telling others how much you earn or have is a social faux pas that clearly identifies the person as lacking manners. It just isn’t the done thing any more than people ever discuss their salaries, even if they work alongside the same folks their entire career as my parents did.

I’ll spare you the third whinge, but it’s in the archive. 😋

Lastly, not all the money pieces are grabby. This one is informative and perfectly executed. Then again, it was written by… a Canadian, who — true to the cliché — is being helpful:

So much for writing a short answer, eh! 🤓

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