Thanks for reading and responding, Sharon. Oddly enough, I clicked on Jack’s piece before reading the rest of your reply, and the psychic thievery line resonated with me, too.

As for understanding the root cause(s) of depression, I try and dig a little more every day. What I already know is that mine is reactive and more than likely partly hereditary too. I had a very unusual life prior to moving to the U.S. and it’s a wonder I didn’t actually collapse before I did.

When depression struck, no one who has known me for years was remotely surprised. However, I have to say I find America and American society particularly ruthless and brutal compared to Britain (where I lived most of my adult life) and France.

I don’t think pure capitalism aka a market economy as it is practiced here works for people because it leaves so many behind, and yet the U.S. is mightily proud of it. It’s even one of the questions in the citizenship test… If my memory serves me right, I seem to recall it is one of the ones I got, along with what happened on 9/11.

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