Thanks for sharing your experience, Satti.

My high-speed blender is my best friend at the moment, and it helps me digest food without too much hassle (at least compared to what it used to be like whenever I tried to eat anything that wasn’t baby food consistency.)

As for eating meat and fish again, a long-term vegan friend of mine did go back to it and felt a lot better as a result but she had far more health issues than I do. I don’t think I could ever eat meat again as I never liked it in the first place and actively tried to avoid it, even as a child. I ate around it. ;-)

I did enjoy fish and seafood but there’s really only one country in the world where I might just be tempted to eat it again and that’s certainly not America (or indeed France, although French food is consistently excellent). Food production and cattle/fish farming standards in the US are appalling, unhealthy, and inhumane.

Then again, even countries with a strong culinary tradition have made headway when it comes to veganism so my dietary choices are unlikely to be reversed. (I also take supplements to make sure I’m not missing anything — B12 is a sticking point with veganism, so I make sure I swallow a chewable every now and then.)

Although what I eat has a lot to do with compassion for other living beings, I’m not perfect at all. I have leather shoes/boots, a leather jacket, and a couple of leather purses.

Life is an evolution…

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