Thanks for the reality check, Mike. I’ve developed the ability to work from literally anywhere, whether crammed into an economy seat on a flight, amid complete family chaos, on trains, when staying with friends, in cafés…

But the one problem is that I work every day, even on transatlantic flights. I can’t remember what it feels like to have a day off. At all. If I’m out and about for the day – which happens as I’m in Europe to help my family navigate medical hell – work still has to happen so that’s what I do instead of resting.

This response was written on 3 hours’ sleep. It doesn’t happen every day but it happens often enough. Then again, when time is the only resource you have, you need to monetize it to the max to survive.

For me, this pace isn’t sustainable. It’s part of transitioning back to a professional life where my skills and experience are adequately compensated.

Although I’m tired, it’s been a life-changing journey so far and I don’t resent any of it at all. Much as I need a break, I still can’t afford one but can I afford not to have one and sacrifice my health?

This is the cash-strapped freelancer’s conundrum.

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