Thanks for your comment, Kartar Diamond.

I see where you’re coming from. While I’m a staunch defender of a system similar in every way to Britain’s NHS, we have a hybrid in France whereby people also purchase top up health insurance through their employer or privately. I did myself when I last lived on French soil (in a remote overseas territory for 6 months in 2012) and paid something like $25 a month flat fee as opposed to hundreds of dollars in the US. As a result, I never had to pay anything to hospital specialists or for GP visits. I think I left a few euros at the pharmacy but costs were capped and so negligible I can’t even recall even though I was as broke then as I am now.

The US has great universal health care already… for the military. I don’t see why this model couldn’t be applied to the rest of the population as we’d be a better country for it. A healthy and educated workforce (universal education being another of my crusades) makes for a strong country, and America has such a long way to go compared to most EU countries. Fund this through taxes and you end up with a country that leaves no one behind rather than this individualistic, capitalistic monsterhood we live in where people who get sick stand to lose everything and have to turn to online fundraisers so as not to die.

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