Thanks for your feedback, Megan Holstein.

Have you read this by Jenny Justice?

This, in essence, is what concerns me. While you make a good point about being helpful, it seems odd that it’s always the same folks writing the same thing several times a week simply because those stories are the quickest way to get paid.

To me, it reads like barefaced greed now, especially as the message is always the same “If I can do it, so can you.” What’s most bizarre is that it sounds the same regardless of who wrote the piece.

Why the hard sell? Is this coming out of the goodness of their hearts or is that some bizarre marketing campaign? I was going to say my hard-nosed skepticism was getting in the way of my appreciating this kind of copy at its just value but then I discovered I wasn’t the first to see it and certainly not the only one either.

I don’t have any answers but I remain curious to a fault…

$50 for an e-book?! Was it published by an academic press? Because that’s expensive for an e-book but not as expensive as an e-course about how to make money on Medium that costs 10 x that. More than likely, the one I came across isn’t the only one out there either.

I can’t help but be deeply aggrieved by profiteering, hence the piece above and the many more that came before.

Thanks again for stopping by and if you have more feedback, I’m always happy to listen. 🤓

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