Thanks for your ongoing support, Samantha Beach.

I got the airfare sorted out and am flying to Paris at the end of the month, returning at the end of March, but that’s just the first trip. The way things are going, I’ll be spending 2019 between the US and the EU so this calls for extreme flexibility and resourcefulness. In short, back to the survival techniques I used while being on the road. It’s fine, at least the situation is not new to me, only the parameters are, to some extent. Put it that way, I’m curiously at home in hospitals.

If I’m not mistaken, death with dignity is an option in OR, which is just the next state down from mine so that’s oddly comforting. For us EU citizens, we have freedom of movement so as long as the medical team in the host country is on board, it’s possible. Clearly not an expert in the matter and I hope I can retain my relative ignorance as long as possible in this particular situation. (But probably won’t, certainly not after this convo with my stepmom. This was pretty much a reminder to flex my research skills so we have the info on hand when we need it.)

Meanwhile, still working my ass off and trying to figure out ways to get back into the kind of work I used to do so I can start earning semi-decent fees again. This here isn’t quite it yet but you can’t run before you can walk, eh, so it’s serving a purpose. xoxo

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