Thanks for your reply, Chris.

Sorry to read you’re not exactly sanguine about the future of the U.S., all the more as neither am I. The country is lagging so far behind other developed nations I wonder if it’ll ever catch up, be it in terms of education or health care. Without guarantying everyone access to those, America is bound to keep regressing as the divide between the haves and have nots gets wider and wider.

For example, if Kavanaugh gets confirmed, undoing whatever damage the Trumpet as you call him (how apt and far more polite than any of the nicknames I use for the orange aberration) has done will probably take far longer than any of us expect.

I certainly wouldn’t hurry back from Newfoundland if I were you… In fact, the more time passes, the less I feel like staying here either. Yes, my life is here but it doesn’t mean it can’t be moved again.

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