Thanks, James Knight. While I’m well aware I may not always succeed, I keep trying. The internet is a great place to have exchanges with folks we would perhaps not meet otherwise, and we can all learn something and broaden our horizons as a result.

I can’t tell you how precious it is to me to have come across people on the opposite side of the political spectrum who are willing to have a dialogue and don’t automatically shut me down for being, well, a socialist in the true European sense of the term. Amid the BS and the echo chambers, they give me hope. And they’re unfailingly blunt and funny, too, i.e. they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Oddly enough, the above represents the political hope I’d been searching for but couldn’t find. And lo, the internet provided!

Alas, it’s getting harder to find signal amid the deafening noise and the pablum.

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