Thanks, TWC. Getting out of the US is undoubtedly helping me more than I can articulate at this point but since I’m also a US citizen and my home is still in the Pacific Northwest, I’m directly concerned by what’s going on stateside.

Although I will remain in Europe for the foreseeable future, I can guarantee you I will do everything I can at this end to make people understand the current political farce has to end. The thing is, trying to convince expats something needs to be done is like preaching to the choir: They’re already well aware, and many have left because they couldn’t stand to stay in the US.

When the time comes, I’ll defo campaign, join a phone bank, write more… whatever it takes. I couldn’t vote in 2016 as I only became a citizen in December that year, but I filed for naturalization hoping I’d make it in time, like thousands of other immigrants. In our wisdom, we created a nationwide processing backlog for Homeland Security. I was lucky, my local field office (Seattle) was super efficient, but that wasn’t the case in other parts of the US.

Since that election, not a day has gone by that I haven’t felt deeply unsettled by the US political climate. If you take a global view and contrast it with what’s going on in the UK and in the EU in general, it makes for sleepless nights…

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