That’s a lot to chew on, Michael K. Spencer, and I had never fully considered all those points, perhaps because I’ve been around other people since December 2018 and loneliness has morphed into something different.

These days, it’s solitude and something that I actively seek.

But I miss having co-workers, I miss having a clear distinction between work and home life, I miss friendly faces…

Although I do have one co-worker with whom I work on offline projects, we’re not even in the same country at the moment so we work apart more often than we work together, alas.

Freelancers being always on isn’t great for our mental health. Maybe the solution lies in setting office hours and sticking to them if you have that luxury…

… or turning freelancing into a side gig and re-entering regular employment, which is what I plan to do.

Whatever the day job turns out to be, I sure look forward to it in a way I haven’t looked forward to any job since my very first one out of university.

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