The Dominant Discourse Doesn’t Have to be Mediocrity

Democracy is dying out loud online

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

Populism panders to the lowest common denominator to gain critical mass fast; social media empowers the trending trash vortex.

Dare wonder out loud about what might happen if we unplugged social media and you realize Trump already beat you to it.

Who wants to think like an autocrat? An entire internet the color of queso, oozing outrage and salt.

Branded as honest, our culture is a fraud.

Bullshit has gone next level under the guise of telling it like it is and nothing is credible anymore. News outlets who don’t wear orange are fake news. Alex Jones is… honest?

The dictionary has become obsolete redundant and no one cares.

Your freedom, my cage; my freedom, your cage.

Words have become worlds onto themselves.

Our internet tells us what we want to hear.

Mediocrity gawks at itself in the digital mirror and points the finger. Clickbait Karen is never not self-optimizing. The digital schadenfreude economy commodifies every single aspect of the human experience before auctioning it off.

Fame is the hallmark of success, no matter what for.

Fall off the pedestal our culture has placed you upon and the vultures will flay you alive. We love to have opinions about other people’s lives, it distracts us from our disconnected and unsatisfactory existence.

The reassuring illusion of constant connectedness costs us dearly in attention, time, and personal data.

Appearances are given more importance than what they actually represent.

We stage and perform life according to metrics dictated by platforms, we replicate what platforms reward, we amplify what platforms pay us to amplify.

But our compliance isn’t even conscious anymore.

We’ve been trained to format our thoughts, ideas, and opinions for maximum impact, we sometimes even quote ourselves.

Today’s content is the cultural artifacts of tomorrow. When we look back, it’ll show us how we got to where we’ll be at then. The last four years are a preview.

Subordination to mediocrity is a choice and the damage done is hopefully still reversible.

The government and the internet we end up with are what we choose to fight for today.

I’m a French-American writer, journalist, and editor now based in the Netherlands. To continue the conversation, follow the bird. For email and everything else, deets in bio.

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