The lack of historical knowledge is what annoys me the most, Tom Gregg, because it makes perspective impossible.

And that’s why there’s no real dialogue between the two sides nor any attempt at fixing the current shit show for the benefit of all.

I despair at how oversimplified US politics are, and at those who stand on their soapbox despite having no clue what they’re talking about. And yet, I’m as socialist as they come (in the traditional European sense of the term) but I cannot abide the sheer stupidity of some of the discourse on both sides.

It begs the question: What are Americans taught at school? It is a genuine question because I don’t know, nor do I have children, and I studied in the EU.

Unless we all sit down and find some mutually acceptable compromise, I’m not sanguine about the future of the US. You?

BTW, do you and Joshua Dopkowski know each other?

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