The text equivalent of an Instagram influencer, perhaps?

Oddly enough, this reminds me of a story. A journalist colleague of mine, Rui, used to post the most gorgeous poems accompanied with nature pictures he took... on Facebook. For an idea of what nature looks like in the Azores, ask Google and enjoy tumbling down the rabbit hole. When you decide to book a trip, LMK. ;-) The words were breathtaking, the pics were breathtaking, and the combination was art that perfectly captured the insular soul.

Now Rui was already an accomplished newsman, reporter, anchor, presenter, you name it: a household name. But he was still putting his art on Facebook to share with a few friends rather than the enormous audience he already had. So we pushed him to release it into the world instead.

Eventually, there were books and I covered the opening of his photo exhibition. Art always finds a way, but if it hadn't been for social media, I doubt Rui's would have. [insert saudades]

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