The whole minimalism lifestyle trend seems very much like another hipster thing to me, ditto being a digital nomad. Technically, I was a minimalist nomad for several months while working as a tour director. I was never home and seldom in the same country for more than a week so left what few possessions I had with friends and family and couch-surfed when I wasn’t on tour. I was desperately trying to save money so I eliminated my biggest expense, which was rent.

It made so much sense… at the time.

What it did to my psyche however was not good. When you don’t have a key to a front door anywhere, it messes you up in unexpected ways.

My house is very minimalist right now, but that’s only because we haven’t been able to afford the basics yet. Packaging hardship as an aspirational lifestyle choice really, really annoys me. You see that trend in food a lot, especially with French food in America. Nose-to-tail eating isn’t hip, it’s what poor folks have been doing for generations. Bone broth isn’t new, ditto bone marrow on toast. Those are inexpensive foods and yet suckers will pay top dollar for them because they haven’t a clue.

Hats off to French chefs making a killing providing all this though!

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