This is a phenomenal piece, Kamga Tchassa and one very close to my heart.

Only yesterday, after spending nearly 3 months in Europe, I was reflecting upon the fact that there’s no place like home for me, quite literally. There never has been and yet I have two passports. And as you know, my own relationship with America isn’t great.

Like you, I feel the place has so far failed to live up to the marketing campaign, so much so the Statue of Liberty may have become obsolete…

I’m so sorry you haven’t found your feet here yet but so very glad to read you have a network of people around you. I did not and still don’t, which made everything that happened to me infinitely worse.

Thank you for being so real about immigration. I hope it works out for you in the end if that is what you want.

Otherwise, the world is big, and some places more welcoming than others. (Have you had a chance to hop across to Canada yet? I breathe easier there, somehow.)

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