This is crushing and I feel your distress, Stephen Sovie.

As an immigrant woman and a naturalized citizen, I share it.

What’s more, my American family isn’t white. My husband is Asian-American, my mother-in-law is a Korean immigrant who became a U.S. citizen decades ago. I fear for them every single day now.

The minute a sexual predator started campaigning, I felt unwell. When he got elected, the magnitude of it all literally fried my brain for a few days with a massive dose of PTSD linked to sexual assault. Thankfully, this was a one-off but for some of us women, current news are torture, day in, day out.

I’m sick of flashbacks, sick of being reminded why I didn’t report… just sick of it all.

This is no way to live, not for you, not for me, not for anyone who doesn’t meet the Christo-fascist, ethno-nationalist criteria.

Sending you and your husband solidarity and love.

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