This is definitely food for thought, ATrigueiro, but I’m still not convinced.

One thing I agree with is the paper ballot. Yes, it’s old school but the system is difficult if not impossible to game.

I helped run a French polling station in the US for the 2017 elections. Because of intel it had received regarding possible foreign interference, France decided to nix voting machines altogether (not a widespread practice yet but we have them in mainland France itself) and go back to paper ballots.

Having overseen the process from start to finish, I can tell it’s unfuckwithable, at least the way we do it. To guarantee impartiality, we even draft in additional helpers / observers among voters and ask them to come back at night to help count votes.

Every voter is checked several times, ballots are checked several times…

It’s a time-consuming way of running an election and contingent on citizens stepping up (thankfully not a problem, more an honor actually) but it works.

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