This is very much a cultural issue, I’m afraid.

I’m French (and American) and I can absolutely assure you it’s not in my culture to apologize for having and appetite and enjoying food.

In fact, it’s a point of pride for us as well as an enduring cliché for a reason: it is true. Find me a French person who doesn’t enjoy food and chances are they’ll be deemed untrustworthy, assuming you find anyone meeting this description.

And nope, we’re not all morbidly obese as a result. In fact, obesity is rare.

Because we mostly eat real food, not some manufactured crap loaded with unrecognizable additives. As a result, many of the packaged garbage sold in the U.S. cannot be sold in the E.U. as many of those additives and colorings aren’t recognized as safe for human consumption. Same in Canada.

America is messed up, which doesn’t surprise me given the nation’s reliance on garbage packaged foodstuffs. Cheese spray? Cheese food? WTF are those even?! Many people don’t even know how to cook anymore, which is one of the most basic human skills ever.

To me, this is shocking and something I will never, ever get used to.

Because, where I come from, food is more than fuel: Food is love.

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