This line breaks my heart. That another human should see another human as a threat based on the color of their skin is abhorrent to me, unthinkable, and yet it’s not a typically American thing either.

Here in France, you often hear some older folks saying things like “She’s black / an Arab / Chinese but she’s a nice person.” It runs deeper than skin color too, they’re even racist against fellow Europeans like the Poles, the Portuguese…

Passive-aggressive racism is so deeply ingrained in some white people’s psyche they have no idea they’re even being dehumanizing.

Hopefully stories like this one will make some readers think and may provide them with a much-needed epiphany.

Your life shouldn’t be that hard on the daily, no one’s should. That is not OK.

Thank you for this piece, it is necessary reading for everyone with a heart.

PS/I’m so glad to read you’re contracting again! :-)

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