This piece is terrific, Cherie Gilmour! Like you, I despair at the clickbaity nature of many personal essays, chiefly because they sound way too hyperbolic to be true and I wonder how many would stand up to fact-checking.

That’s something I frequently ponder, as do other folks like Jonathan Greene. If you haven’t read it yet, may I take the liberty to recommend this piece of his where he raises some important points about schlock and the impact it has on those who use painful personal experience with humility and dignity to try and humanize some societal issues?

I’ve long argued that victimhood culture has become a niche of its own but it predates blogging as it’s always been part of journalism. Unscrupulous bloggers just aped the formula to make bank.

The difference between them is that journos supposedly abide by a code of conduct while many bloggers do not concern themselves with accountability or ethics.

And that is hugely problematic.

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