This was one heck of an answer, thank you, Theflyingscott!

What interests me is how it impacts people on an individual and family level, as transnational mobility makes for multinational households where none of the members were born in the country they live in.

It’s the human, cultural, and linguistic implications of Britain leaving the EU rather than the business side even though both are linked. It’s the stories of Europeans in the UK as much as it’s the stories of Brits in the EU…

As for the socialist utopia that is Brussels, it works. I lived in one of the most remote outposts of the EU for 3 years — on São Miguel island, in the Azores — and it was EU funding that built our roads. And this goes a long way toward alleviating geographical isolation and making daily life better and safer for everyone.

Also, I am hugely biased as comes across in the piece: My entire life is one of ongoing transnational mobility, different countries, and different languages. I believe in the EU as a force for the common good and a force for peace.

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